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Introduction of spigot truss construction method

All outdoor activities equipment, often involving the "build" link, and thebuilding process is the test of the product place. If your product is not welldone, then in the process of building is easy to have problems, such as build abad, but this does not exclude whether the way to build the correct. In theprocess of building the stage lighting rack, there are often people who do notbuild the right, a lot of jokes.

Today, Shizhan Group products, on spigot truss build a simple method.

Aluminum spigot truss is also called truss for short, is to build lightingstage commonly used equipment, its strong bearing capacity can be hung on thetop of the lights or LED screen. Aluminum lighting rack generally need to beused with other auxiliary equipment, commonly used accessories are square set,square head, base, support, cross-arms, hanging hoist, counter-head.

Materials required to build a spigot truss: two aluminum columns, onealuminum beam, two square sets, two cross-arms, two hanging hoists, twocounter-heads, two bases, eight diagonal support, slings, screws, etc.

Building steps.

1?First set up four bases at the approximate location on the ground.

2?Insert the part under the diagonal support on the outside of each base.

3, the reverse head with screws fixed on the base.

4, set a good square sleeve on the counter head.

5, link the crossbeams together.

6. link the two ends of the crossbeam with the two square sleeves on bothsides respectively, so that the crossbeam is assembled on the ground.

7. connect the column truss lying flat, then screw one end on the counterhead and the other end on the cross-beam, and link the hanging hoist with thecross-beam at the same time, the hoist is used to lift the cross-beam trussbelow.

8.Multiple people together erect the column truss slowly, taking care not topush the column with too much force, and then fix the screws on the top of thecounter head.

9.After the column is erected, hook the hook below the hoist through thesling to the beam below.

10. 4 people together slowly tug the hanging hoist to pull the beam up to theposition of the human head or so.

11. in the beam above the installed lighting and sound equipment.

12. 4 people together tugging the hanging hoist to a predetermined heightstop.

13. one end of the diagonal support and the column tightened, the other endand the base of the horizontal support tightened, so that the light frame isbuilt.

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