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Inter milan in the summer Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey , one of the biggest characteristic is to strengthen the efforts to introduce young players, except alvarez, card has, and is seeking listrac card, inter milan outside the millo plug after introducing the direct bono, Mr Greenspan's Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier on, dolohov, g jonas miller four young players, but it's not over yet, according to Spanish, o the reported, and a young players to inter milan will set foot on the journey. He is from the Spanish players leandro barbosanone-rodriguez, o the 17 year-old striker in the las parma effect, but be Barcelona, chasing DuoNian, but inter win the final victory, according to the Spanish newspaper reports the chains, the next few days, the young striker will be accompanied by his family came to milan, and sign for inter. And, of course, Marco branca not with the team to Beijing, also is not only for and rodriguez Evgeni Malkin Penguins Jersey , he signed this a major or for the card, and fill the millo work has been branca Italian Soccer Jerseys have preliminary results, according to sky platform of markov Katie report, luca-if card plug the millo finally to Italian football, so his options must be inter milan, markov Katie said: "in Italy, card plug the first choice of the millo is certainly inter milan, although still have other Italian team (Rome), AC milan want him, but inter milan won't let them win. Of course, inter need to get enough of the transfer, perhaps the money from Mali, and will add tower, Cardiff, or seeing a big-name signing comes out. "From Brazil and the news says, card plug the millo has refused to renew his contract with Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo to his contract only 20000 6000 euros a month, then increase annually by 4500 euros, and 270000 on pay the bonus, but card I want to plug Inter Milan Soccer Uniforms the millo at least two times the contract. Of course, in addition to inter milan and roma, but also have other country club is in the CARDS plug interest, it's the millo including the premier league tottenham and Spain. But although sneijder sevilla in Beijing Evgeni Malkin Womens Jersey , but also be clinging to transfer news. The famous agent vincenzo morabito said: "in Beijing's super cup, really may be in inter milan last sneijder world war I, and in this, he will put on the Manchester united shirt, for the Italian league is concerned, it is a great loss." Vincenzo morabito said, "I'm surprised, whether inter milan and sneijder, in previous to this thing has been without a clear statement, they have been keep silent." About the transfer, vincenzo morabito don't think that after the 30 million pounds is that: "I think more or less than the former a bit less, now, see whether Inter Shirt the inter milan invested that money transfer market, and I believe that inter milan will bring in a defensive midfielder esteban cambiasso, as successor." Vincenzo morabito word soon received a part of the sky, the sky by platform of baal zagi revealed: "part of it is true, sir alex ferguson has been in order to get the really hard, but in sneijder inter in Beijing during the games, talks, it will all be temporarily suspended on until August 6, after the super cup again."
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