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Once the purchase has been made by the customer it is in no way the end of the sales transaction. The best internet marketers realize that this is an excellent time and opportunity to build a stronger business relationship with the customer. The first thing they will do is make sure the customer receives a follow up email expressing thanks for the purchase of the product or service. Included in that email massage will usually be the contact information for the business customer service or support.What makes them the best internet marketers is that the quality of the customer service and support is exceptional. There is every effort made to handle the customers questions, inquiries, support tickets, and problems in a quick, pleasant, and efficient manner. The best internet marketers place a large amount of pride in how their support desks handle their customers post request for information, help, complaints, refunds, or returns. It is a fact that the way the customer is handled after the initial sale will dictate just how much if any business will be conducted with them in the future.There are many things that the best marketers do to become and remain on top of their internet marketing game. I have only touched on 5 of them here. I hope that if you are not already using these practices in your internet business that you will definitely incorporate them into your daily online business operations. That way if you are not yet one of the best internet marketers you will be well on your way in no time at all.

Using target marketing or niche marketing will allow you to get to know your target audience much better than if you were trying to get the information regarding a much larger market segment. Getting to know your customer better helps you to know just what it is that they want, need or are thinking. Having this type of information about your customer will open up big advantages when you begin your product or service promotions, You will be that much more familiar with their likes and dislikes. This puts you in the position to be able to provide for them exactly what they are looking for meaning more sales for you down the line.

Target marketing will also help you greatly reduce the problem of coming up with just the right product or service for your customers. Because you will now be dealing with a market that has very specific wants and needs you can really home in on that perfect product or service that they will be more than willing to purchase. If you are a internet marketer who develops your own products or services, by working with a target market you can design and develop products or services tailored for your target markets needs without a large amount of trial and error methods. This benefit not only will increase your profit margin because of you providing a product or service that your customer is anxious to buy, you also save very precious time and money because you already know what product or service your target market is looking for.

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