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In the selection of wood flooring, we must ensure that the main indicators of qualified. These indicators and national standards are as follows: 1, the thickness of water swelling: superior product of the water swelling thickness of 2.5% or less; 6ft privacy low carbon fence first-class water swelling thickness of the value of 4.5% in the following. Water bubbles, absorbent more than the poor quality. 2, the surface abrasion resistance: wood flooring because there is no wear-resistant layer or wear-resistant rotating speed is very low and is known as false wood flooring, wood flooring surface and the real point of the composite wood without distinction, with sandpaper polished Time, buy recyclable plastic outdoor flooringyou will find decorative pattern was polished and immediately white. This wooden floor is false wood flooring. If you are more attention to the maintenance of wood flooring, wooden floor by the strong, less chance of hardware wear, the choice of relatively wear-resistant, if you pay more attention to the maintenance of wood, Lower may be more affordable. Household wear with a number of revolutions in 6000 or more on it. . Sand paper can be used to wipe a rub, poor quality is easy to find. Composite wood floor wear strength, mainly depends on the crystal of aluminum oxide (commonly known as gem) coating. Wood floor area per unit of alumina crystal content is higher, the higher the wear resistance. 3, formaldehyde emission: A grade of formaldehyde emission value of 9mg / 100g or less. exterior plastic veneer productsB-pole 9 to 40 mg / 100 g, to class B can be used. The quality of glue determines the pollution of composite wood floor size, good quality, low formaldehyde content. 4, the density: the density of qualified products ?? 0.9g / cm3. 5, moisture content: Qualified moisture content in the range of 3.0-10.0%. decorative wood plastic building materialsPeople in the purchase of wood flooring, you can check the product inspection certificate of these data, 6, pick the mouth is straight. The level of the integrity of the mouth is directly related to the life of the wooden floor. 7, the surface of the impregnated paper finishes should not have dried flowers opaque white dots, wet flowers mist, stains, scratches and indentation, surrounded by tongue and groove should remain intact. Composite board length, width, thickness should be the same as the product description, can be arbitrarily taken pieces of composite wood flooring after the observation of the joint, to see whether the joint tenon joints have uneven feeling, patchwork to be closely and then arbitrarily take more pieces Wooden floor assembly to observe their own mortise, groove combination is tight, feel is smooth. 8) consider the different functions of each room, different rooms can choose to use different colors of wood flooring. The living room is the most open place in the home, is also the daily activities of the family and the main place to receive guests, it is appropriate to adopt high transparency, soft colors to create a clear, harmonious and elegant atmosphere; bedroom is for rest, make people relax Children's room is the child's sleep, learning, living place, should be simple, cheerful, clear, with bright and bright colors will be good to use, the use of warm colors, or some neutral colors of the wooden floor, giving a quiet, comfortable feeling; ; Study is the master bedroom work and study, the environment should have a strong cultural atmosphere, the color should also be used in the dark wood floor.
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