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Currently on the market floor more categories, mainly wood, wood composite, laminate flooring, there are other cork, bamboo and other new types of flooring. Different floor, the corresponding different materials, then the time of purchase, the method will naturally there are some differences. The following will be related to the purchase method of material analysis, hoping to choose their own flooring.

First, the observation precision to the floor: solid wood flooring when selected, should be the observation accuracy of the floor, at the time of purchase, it should be out of the box, remove the floor about ten, after stitching together the respective floor. They stand on the floor of the bite, and the corresponding assembly voids were observed. And should also be adjacent to the difference in height between the floor has been clear, ensure a uniform whole floor.

In this regard, general manager of Tianjin's first decorative Yang Jiawei think, when solid wood flooring choice, you should also check the corresponding substrate defects to the case. The main floor is on the cross-section of the plate lines whether there will be confusion. It should also be understood to be of dead section, articulated, cracking and other defects. Mainly solid wood floors, wood products are natural, in general, there will be a certain color and uneven and, therefore, at this time, does not require too much care about the color.

Second, depending on the specific appearance: at the time of the parquet choice should depend on the specific appearance, to ascertain the appropriate types of concrete structures were observed. It also should be on the content of formaldehyde were detected, view the content is excessive, because formaldehyde is a toxic substance, if prolonged inhalation, harmful to human health have been affected. Finally, choose the time, should also be subjected to splicing tests should be readily taken five floors on the ground and make the appropriate splicing, splicing after the relevant rigor, smoothness and other corresponding observation.per containing wear-resistant materials to ensure wear resistance to cigarette ignition of the surface layer, and scratch-resistant stain resistance and good performance. But the worst sense of comfort.

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