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Initially, treatment for sweat allergies will focus on ways to reduce the allergic reaction. And control the relapse Which can take care of yourself as follows

Opt for a natural product such as aloe vera. If the rash has already occurred Can use natural aloe vera Or aloe vera gel without color, fragrances and chemicals to prevent further irritation of the skin. You may also use a standard aloe vera spray. Spray on the affected area to avoid direct skin contact. Stop use and consult a doctor.
Avoid behaviors that cause allergic reactions, such as exercise. If possible, exercise should be exercised in an area that is not too hot. Or avoid hot baths and saunas Take control of your stress and anxiety.
Choose the right foods. If you find that they are allergic to sweat from heat Avoid eating spicy foods. Reduce the amount of food or hot drinks you eat and control your alcohol consumption. Will help reduce the frequency of symptoms
However, if the symptoms of sweat allergy are aggravated Doctors often prescribe drugs, such as leukotronine inhibitors. Or immunosuppressants And other drugs such as

Antihistamines, such as cetirizine, that work to block histamine, which can lead to allergic reactions. Causing allergy symptoms to gradually decrease effectively
Ketotyphen is a great drug that can help relieve sweat allergy. It can help reduce the amount of rash. And itching But they are also drugs that can cause side effects on the respiratory system. Therefore, it should be used carefully under the guidance of a physician.
Beta blockers, such as propranolol It is a drug that is often used to treat high blood pressure. And causes factors to stimulate allergic reactions in sweat decreases
In addition, the patient may need to take care of himself along with the medication. Which in addition to helping reduce allergies It may also reduce the frequency of symptoms.

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