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In the purchase of the floor when the optional add floors to be very cautious, many add floors on the market, many businesses in order to win customers have launched a price war, and later gradually hands and feet on the floor quality, a lot of bad manufacturers the board acts as a class a class B board, because the board B-level board of insect eyes, color, white edges and other defects, in order to conceal them in the plate surface coloring, and some are colored and the back of the slot, such floor color difference is small, but beautiful board, but add color floor coverings after the explosion and are prone to cracking paint and other issues. (Deliberately do the old antique hand except floor).

Some manufacturers deliberately confuse the product level, the state level for the standard floor: superior products, goods, qualified, some dealers put their inferior floor is called second board, deliberately deceive consumers. Others use "imported wood floors" to mislead the consumer, in fact, the market really pure imported wood flooring rarely, basically environmental certification, and their so-called imported wood flooring, floor blank refers mostly imported , and domestic processing of wood.

Purchase, pay attention to the difference between the floor paint, and now on the market have the floor paint PU paint UV lacquer two, in the purchase of the floor must not buy PU paint the floor, because of its benzene and formaldehyde emissions are high, very environmentally friendly, but also paint life is very short. UV paint is divided into two: one is ordinary bright side curtain coating UV paint, one is super wear-resistant roll of UV paint. Curtain coating require frequent waxing UV paint, paint life is generally about two years, but there is a matt UV paint roller effect, its surface is generally planar hemp, because the paint was added aluminum oxide so it has a super abrasion paint, when we buy, we must first learn to distinguish between ordinary paint roller and ultra-wear-resistant paint.

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