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"If you want to sweeten semen, try eating pineapple." Many men have probably heard this through their ears. And many people may have tried to follow But some people would not have been interested and thought it was not possible. But what is the truth of this belief? Eating pineapples makes semen sweet. Is it true?

How does the sperm taste?
To be specific about how the semen tastes sweet or salty, bitter or sour Would not be able to tell for sure Because in fact Male sperm is different from person to person. Some men's semen may taste sweet. While the other person's semen may have a bitter taste That's because chemical compounds and compounds in the body have different effects on semen based on different lifestyle factors. Whether it is food The use of alcohol, smoking, and many different health factors are also included.

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Does food really affect the taste of sperm?
Eating is one of the main factors affecting our body, including body odor, sweat odor, bad breath, milk taste. Or even the taste of the semen, it all depends on the factors of eating. Some people have a strong body odor because they eat pungent food such as garlic, onions, spices, etc.

Therefore, it can be said that eating food is also important for the smell and taste of semen if eating foods that have a strong flavor and smell. Semen will also have an odor and have a bitter or pungent taste.

Various green vegetables
Dairy products
But the semen that smells good Not pungent or bitter May come from eating foods such as fruits and vegetables

These foods can actually affect semen, but that doesn't mean eating them. These fruits and vegetables will sweeten the flavor of the semen. On the other hand, it may reduce the bitterness or the pungent smell of the semen. And help reduce the alkalinity level of semen

Does eating pineapple really make semen sweet?
It is a long-held quote for the belief that eating pineapples or Drinking pineapple juice will make your semen taste sweeter. Or tastes good Of course, this statement is consistent with the fact that

Our daily diet influences the body and semen. Therefore, eating pineapple can be said to actually contribute to the sweet taste of semen.

But… eating pineapples for immediate results I have to tell you guys here that the boys will definitely be disappointed. Because at least Eating pineapples to make semen taste sweeter. It may be necessary to eat pineapples for at least three consecutive weeks, or take more time to see results. So if you are going to eat pineapple at noon and hope for success in this love battle tonight I have to express my condolences. Because pineapples probably won't act like that instantly

However, it's not just diet that affects semen because of adequate rest. Drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs or using chemicals Cleanliness And other living factors They all have an effect on the semen. Therefore, in order to be good both for the taste of semen and for good health as well Maintaining a healthy body Maintain health in the right way And eating nutritious food is important not to be ignored.
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