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Anti-static floor also called static dissipative floor. Is a floor, when it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, the charge can dissipate to the resistance between 1.0x105-10O characterized. Computer room anti-static technology, computer room as part of his security and protection category. Static electricity generated by a variety of reasons, most frequently occurs, one of the most difficult to eliminate hazards. Not only will the computer is running static random failure occurs, malfunction or operator error, but also lead to the breakdown of certain components, such as CMOS, MOS circuit, two-stage circuit and destruction of property. Besides static electricity have a significant impact on the external device of the computer. The display device with a cathode ray tube, when subjected to static electricity can cause the image disorders, blurred not please. Static electricity will cause Modem, NIC, Fax, etc. disorders, printer alignment ring true failure.

Problems caused by static electricity is not only difficult to identify hardware staff sometimes is mistaken for software personnel software failure, resulting in confusion work. In addition, static electricity through the human body to a computer or other device discharge (the so-called ignition) when the energy reaches a certain level, will be giving the impression to electric shock. Anti-static floor main categories: anti-static ceramic tile in the process of preparation on the basis of ordinary ceramic tiles, the incorporation of anti-static function in the body and the glaze powder layer. Ceramic tile has a stable resistance value between 1.0x106-1.0x109. And to facilitate the construction, without laying copper. Currently very popular in the market, but few manufacturers capable of producing country as a whole.

Three anti-anti-static floor, the floor made of high strength, fireproof, waterproof material for the substrate, double anti-static veneer. Waterproof, moisture-proof performance, carrying capacity, suitable for medium-sized room. Steel anti-static floor. This floor to high-quality steel plate stamping and welding after the injection of high-strength lightweight materials. High strength, waterproof, fireproof, excellent moisture resistant, suitable for high load requirements of large equipment room.

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