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Chen Ting Coach: rape rumor is nonsense

As can be seen from the micro-Bo, looks pure, named "Dancing perfume wiki"women claiming to be called "Allison," she recalled in detail in mid-Septemberthis year, Chen Ting Erdaobaihe training The North Face Outletbase Changbaishan Blue River Hotel with her along the process, saying Chen setto marry her to the ground, repeatedly asked her relationship, but for no reasonafter the break.

In "Dancing perfume wiki" microblogging, all of the messages sent areconcerned with Chen Ting. Including Chen Ting duo Funny intimate photos. Thusseen, the actress and Chen Ting Department of men and women should be friends.

However, the "Dancing perfume wiki" micro-blog from October 18, microbloggingall information sent to "accuse" Chen Ting content. Which there with anotherwoman claiming to be the third year student of micro-channel content, eachclaiming to have intercourse on three occasions and Chen Ting, who repeatedinvitations to meet, but were refused because there was no time. Dialogue,"Dancing perfume wiki" exposes suspected pregnancy, and called the company witha number of women while Tran Dinh exchanges, pedal boats and more. After thisexposure, "Dancing perfume wiki" personal microblogging number of fans explosionin the amount of less than 100 people from the fans quickly soared to more than5,000 people.

Some media counterparts by "Dancing perfume wiki" microblogging privateletter and "Jia Jia" made ??contact, "Allison" left a few words: "will contactyou, thanks!" There will be no further progress.

I shut down the party being given the silent Chen

Chen scheduled this month on the 15th just finished ring Taihu InternationalRace Walking Cup, after winning back North Face Outlettogether with the team in Shenzhen. When interviewed by the media after thegame, Chen Ting did not show abnormalities, remains confident his interview withthe media said the game yourself, "pain and happiness."

However, still immersed in the joy of Chen Ting did not think of how this"pain and happiness" completely reversed after a few days, into a "happy afterthe pain," a storm approaching quietly beside him, make everyone feelunprepared, do not want to believe this is true.

Faced with "Allison" side of speech, in order to understand the truth,reporters yesterday trying to get contact with Chen Ting, but his phone has beenturned off, microblogging private letter has been unable to get his response.

According to the reporter, the Changbai Mountain is Chen Ting's paradise, heand coach Ann Lai Sun closed training year round in this, I did not expect isthat this piece of paradise and now has become a dangerous place given Chan.

Hudu eager Coach: simply nonsense

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter called the Yunnan peer coach Sun Chen TingLai On the phone. Sun coach an opening would be very angry: "This is simplynonsense, as an adult, Chen Ting does not make such outrageous things."

Subsequently, Sun Li Ann said he also recognized the girl, know what theylove, men and when married women, once married, coaches say too much is notgood, some things are not able to say where others get out of the way. Sun LiAnn know they are sparks awareness through the network, but after spending timewith Chen Ting felt they were inappropriate, they made ??a break. "This is alsoin line with human nature, beyond reproach, but who could have guessed that thegirl would freak on the network, resulting in a significant impact." Sun Li Annsaid.

Subsequently, Lai Sun Anjie Shao said that the Shenzhen Race team attendedthe Taihu Lake after the game returned to Shenzhen these days on vacation, thisstorm will certainly be given training and competition Chan impact.

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