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According to experts wooden floors, reclaimed tongue groove douglas fir porch decking were tile-like bagging normal conditions, there are three reasons: a former wooden floor coverings do not understand the local urban equilibrium moisture content and moisture content, the blind use of natural splicing method, which is caused by wood floor bagging the main reason. II. Ground moisture is too large, before making any moisture treatment on the wooden floor, causing excessive moisture forming wood floor tile-like bagging, so the wood floor in the installation, the gap should be reserved for the size of a playing card.

III. Consumers caused by improper use. Generally concentrated in the use of no-wrung damp cloth to wipe the floor or wooden flooring unexpected water, resulting in excessive moisture causes wood floor tile-like bagging. You may be interested: The reason why the wooden floor edge will spit gray flooring Why lose their luster wood floors crack a series of problems and solutions

[url=]plastic uv resistant composite hand rails[/url] to the scene for an inspection of the items out of the box, when you bought a wooden floor coverings transported to the scene, please be sure to unpacking inspection the following items: 1. The moisture content of the wood flooring - wood floor moisture content and local near the equilibrium moisture content. Since the floor moisture content can not identify with the naked eye, it is possible to view the manufacturer's report. 2. Appearance quality wood floor - the floor to see the film quality and the degree of wear sent, cracks, etc. processing bellows are intact. 3. The main dimensions and tolerances wood floor - the length, width, thickness and the like.

4. Position deviation shape wooden floor - can put a few floors away from the seam to see its assembly, assembly height difference and warpage. 5. The number of pieces of wood flooring - look there is no reduction in the number of floor sheets, to prevent unnecessary losses. Share the article you might be interested in: senior interior designer flooring purchase experience to buy large-size wooden floors should be noted that three teach you four strokes, whether to identify environmentally friendly wood working groups for different types of composite overlay decking sold Singapore consumer misunderstanding too much emphasis on the price

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