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In summer, the floor tiles, ceramic tiles, etc. need to extend the time to deal with flood damage, so it will not appear with cement bonding Debu so hollowing In bonding, shedding phenomenon; similar to plaster and other materials, it should be strictly controlled setting time, make it up to standard compression tensile strength and fineness; when the interior wall paints, paying particular attention to its stability and adhesive strength and initial drying crack resistance, carefully observe the subtle and detailed time do record; steel doors and windows, sliding doors measuring and installation, if the arrangement is too tight in size, due to the winter temperatures reduce the emergence of cracks, deformation, so it should be a slight surplus in size; the pavement floor, the gap should be more conventional arrangements more closely.

Decoration reminds: Actually like hollowing, peeling and so on can be avoided, so in the summer renovation process, project quality control is particularly important, Home owners must choose big brand, quality assured decoration company.

Since the summer, the weather changes, the impact of construction and decoration materials, conditions, summer indoor air pollution will be more severe than in other seasons. This is because the decoration materials in a number of toxic and harmful gases, at high summer temperatures, high humidity conditions, it will increase air emissions. Some studies prove environmental experts, the indoor temperature at 30 ?, the highest indoor toxic and harmful gases emission. In the summer indoor air pollution detection, the index will be higher than in other seasons about 20%.

Decoration Reminder: in addition to try to use non-toxic and less toxic decorative materials, construction make regular home improvement company, we should also do the decoration of the room ventilation and air purification. Under the conditions permit, we should try to make the room more ventilation; if there is no condition, can be used to reduce the indoor ventilation and indoor harmful gas in the air purification device.

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