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Another thing to keep in mind. Most Programmers, Networkers, Modelers, Riggers, Animators, Sound Engineers, Concept Artists, Project Managers, Level Designers and so on, have little talent when it comes to Game Design, granted, Some are multi talented yes, but in general, No. They typically are good at only a couple things and Game Design isn't one of them. Sandbox Interactive seems to have a talented team, and I am not sure who there Game Designer is, but over all He/She is doing a great job. With that said, most of the time when you play an MMO, you are playing the Game Designers vision, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but a player or community has little input and impact on the project for albion online silver farming. These guys are taking our feedback and actually making it work with "their" game. That's amazing in it self. Is this because they don't have a Lead Game Designer? or are they trying something new(or really doing what others claim to be doing)? Whatever the answers may be, its a nice change.

Not really anything to "agree" with. Its just sort of a "heads up" type thing. But , there are ragers, heck just have a look at the 10000 long reply "screw this event" topic as one recent example. Its been a problem for (some) people with alphas/betas since time immemorial. Granted not a HUGE problem, partly because of these sorts of reminders. Sometimes tempers can hit even people that already are clear on the "im testing this" mentality.

Im here cuz I thought paigey was hot. And yes alpha is alpha. But look at the increase of games being semi released in alpha and beta stages these days. Its deffinetly not a good look but companys do it to g2rt there product on the market and scene abit earlier to generate that hype

Very few people are actually read any "policies". I am aware that some people do, but having written many ToS , Policy and other rules documents both in games and at work along with having been a Human Resources rep. I can assure you, no one reads them except to go best albion online silver store for a hearty few. Written rules rarely get read unless people are forced to read them. (again feel free to quote exceptions to this, but it is not true in the macro sense)

Also the reminder is for people in game (obvously not atm) raging, as well as lurkers and other people you just don't hear anything from, you would be amazed how many readers there are that are not regular posters (if at all). Need to keep in mind who the audience is , not just the vocal minority (us posters). 

Unfortunately that's how it is if you have a public like/rating system, WoW recently implemented a similar system, well made likes/dislikes public, and you could see the transition from the content posted there within a day lol. People used to say whatever they wanted there, now it's more about being on the majorities side instead of posting what you think, meh.

while those are nice are you guys thinking about doing something where we can create killboards like in EVE so we can see data like K/D for player, for corp, for alliance, what the most used weapon was per month, where the most kills happened per month, day, ect.. Something a little more robust than the last 5 kills or whatever the number is now?
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