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The skin of the penis is delicate and sensitive as it is classified as erogenous skin, which contains many more nerve endings and capillaries than skin located in other areas on the human body. Therefore, erogenous skin is receptive to touch and other stimulus, increasing sexual excitement and pleasure. However, when not cared for and poorly treated the nerve endings and capillaries can become damaged and this can reduce sensitivity, which, in turn, reduces sexual excitement. Aggressive masturbation or prolonged sex can, therefore, result in irritated penis skin and, ultimately, diminished penis sensitivity.

Damage to Penis Skin Resulting from Sex

Cuts, abrasions, inflamed and irritated penis skin, dry patches, and diminished penis sensitivity are some of the most common complaints discussed in male sexual health forums. Almost all men, in these forums, confessed to having very active sex lives, and, at times, not using enough lubricant while having sex, and all said that the damage to their penis has been long-lasting. Some have even complained of cuts, abrasions and inflammation taking several Christian Louboutin Pumps For Cheap months to heal, and when they thought that it was safe to recommence having sex the same problem reoccurred.

Diminished Penis Sensation Due to Irritated Penis Skin

Irritated penis skin and diminished penis sensitivity go hand-in-hand, especially after aggressive masturbation or prolonged sex. This is attributed to the fact that the sensitive erogenous skin cells, nerve endings, and capillaries have been damaged, and are no longer as receptive.

It also takes a great deal of time for erogenous skin to heal. This is because this type of skin has Christian Louboutin Flats Sale fewer layers and, is therefore, thinner and more fragile than other skin found on the body. Due to its delicate nature, it is also prone to developing scar tissue, which when put under stress and pressure will tear and become inflamed.

Therefore, a great deal of patience is required to allow irritated penis skin to heal and diminished penis sensitivity to disappear. Abstaining from all sexual activity and using a moisturizer on a daily basis should allow penis skin to rejuvenate and repair itself. However, if no change is noted in the cheap christian louboutin shoes condition Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Pumps For Cheap of the penis skin after several weeks, then it is advised that medical attention be sought.

Moisturize Penis to Prevent Sensation Loss

Moisturizing the penis, regularly, reduces the likelihood of irritated penis skin, especially after masturbation or prolonged sex. In addition, the moisturizer will aid in skin cell rejuvenation and prevent the erogenous skin of penis from becoming desensitized. This enables the skin to retain its elasticity and Christian Louboutin Slingback Peep Toe reduces the chances of diminished penis sensitivity becoming a problem in the future.

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